At Liberty Limited (we) offer a personal, professional and confidential service. Your personal or business details will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior consent. If you agree, we would like to take 'before and after' photographs which would only be reproduced for publicity purposes with your permission (eg our web site, Facebook, Twitter). Information about you is stored securely. Any documents which could be viewed publicly will display only a client code and not your name.

Advice disclaimer

All advice given is given in good faith. It is always your own decision whether or not you follow any advice given. We accept no responsibility for your actions or any consequences thereafter whether this be at the time or at any subsequent or future date following engagement or consultation.

Removal of items/Green policy

We aim to promote recycling of your possessions wherever possible and can offer advice on different options for appropriate disposal or sale. Any items removed from your property are done so at your own discretion. Disposal of items will never take place without your authorisation.

Payment terms

Payment is required on completion of service. If an assignment extends over several weeks we will invoice you weekly. All invoices are payable within 7 days. We accept bank transfer, cheque, credit card and paypal.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. However, any cancellation by you within 48 hours of the agreed start time will incur a charge for any expenses accrued to date and you may be charged 50% of the contract price. We may agree to credit this payment to your account if work is rescheduled within two months of cancellation.

Other suppliers or services

For services we outsource we will not be held liable if their performance falls below an acceptable standard nor for any loss or damage caused by any supplier, their employees or agents.

Handling Goods

When handling goods belonging to clients, we take extreme care to look after them. In the case of accidental damage or loss we are covered by Public Liability insurance.

Valuation of Goods

We are not valuers and you are advised to seek your own valuation for any items of rarity or value or for insurance purposes.

Hours of Work

You will only be charged for actual hours worked which will be discussed in advance. It must be understood that it is not always possible to anticipate exactly how long a particular job may take. We recommend a short refreshment break every 2 hours. You may wish to stop more often as decluttering is physically and emotionally demanding. When working 4 consecutive hours, we will take a minimum of a 30 minute break at no charge to you and we will provide our own food.

Protecting Our Team

We understand that decluttering and organising can bring out strong emotions. However, we will not tolerate any form of violence or bullying against our team. Our team are within their rights to leave the booking if they feel their safety is compromised. In the case of violence, the police will be contacted. We observe strict confidentiality to you, our client, however if you reveal that you are going to harm yourself or another person, we will break that confidentiality.


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